When I live my life with kindness and compassion, with respect for my environment, and a commitment to spirit, I feel content and replete.  My desire is to create sacred space for the fullest existence of peace and harmony where life skills are explored together.  I live in a consistent flow of spiritual guidance and wish to share these wisdoms with you.  My years as a Wholistic Therapist, massage therapist, Reiki master, yoga teacher trainer, Master Herbalist, designer and creator of an organic Cafe, yoga studios and healing centres allow me to grow experientially.  Please allow me to take you on a body-mind-soul journey using the many expressive art and healing art therapies. Discover yourself through yoga and movement, art and music, meditation and mantras, plus the mineral and plant kingdoms, wholistic food and water energies.  Let us never forget the new 12-chakra system that now guides us in a different and exciting manner.  We are each unique and I know in my heart I can be there for you as a guiding light if you let me. I hold no judgement or expectation. Only love. When we allow ourSelf to open naturally, one step at a time, our awakening is gentle, like a lotus flower reaching for the Sun.

Namaste. Amorah Joy.

Amorah Joy...

For Peace & Harmony