For Peace & Harmony

Experience Okanagan

Autumn Edition 

Spectacular scenery, an invitation for total self-discovery, a mantra to enjoy the gift of life, and air that simply purrs—has a rare vibrational frequency that immediately helps you feel relaxed. You have arrived at The Joy of Living Centre. Housed in a gorgeous seven-bedroom villa, the centre is nestled among 40 mountainous acres in the Joe Rich Area. It is owned and operated by Joy Stewart, a woman full of light whose connection to the earth and understanding of the eternal inspires all who meet her. The Joy of Living Centre offers a wide range of healthful, spiritually rejuvenating activities, from yoga and Reiki to hydrotherapy hot tub soaks. Joy personally leads a variety of enlightening workshops centering on mindfulness and integrating the personality with the soul. She believes that life needs to be lighter and wishes to the enrich body and soul of all who visit the centre and call it home, whether for a few hours or several days. Throughout their stay, guests are pampered with organic gourmet cuisine, much of it grown onsite, and even invited to work in the gardens as a meditative exchange with nature. A creek meanders through the property, whose labyrinth, sacred woodlands, and fairy forest beg to be explored. Free-roaming sheep and nearby horse farms add to the setting’s bucolic flair. Echoing the day’s wonder-filled moments, evening time offers another special treat: a magical view of an earth-colored sunset against a backdrop of rugged mountains, in perfect harmony with the peacefulness of the land.