For Peace & Harmony

Amazing Experience! 

Our vision for our retreat was to create a weekend for our guests that would feel like an amazing experience, with great food in warm cozy elegant accomodations. As facilitators we wanted the experience to be easy, effortless with space for yoga, meditation, great teaching rooms and place for relaxation and socializing. The Joy of Living Centre was everything we had on our wishlist and more, and our hostesses Joy & Sheila filled the space with warm gentle energy with sprinkles of laughter. 
Thank you both for everything. We will be back next year or sooner......

Sandy & Dale, Keys to Happy - co-facilitators from Kelowna BC

Namara Joy is like a Mother to me! 

In all the years of knowing her she has always been involved in self discovery and the heart of healing and yoga, her skills in channelling have guided me in many ways.  Full of insight from a higher place she is a joy to be around. 

Shannon, Calgary

Namara sincere, powerful and gentle! 

Namara's sincere, powerful and gentle love and light pours through her heart and out into the world.  When we met I was in a place of major transition; through being in her loving presence my body and my life transformed.  I went from being unaware to my purpose and in ego to developing a sense of humility, self love and purposeful direction.  Namara's love and heart are a blessing to this planet. 

Naeem, Nelson BC

Namara Joy is a Joy! 

Working with Namara Joy is a Joy - her channeling sessions are informal, informative and done by an incredibly focused and dedicated worker.  I find a great uplifting of my energy happens during these sessions which has lasting effects at removing blockages and worries from my path during the days following the session. 


Plants Seeds

The best way to describe Namara is as one who opens doors, by that I mean that she encourages, guides and facilitates others to enter into experiences that expand and enrich their consciousness and their life.  She plants seeds in those willing to receive and she does so with her heart and soul.  


Passionate pursuit of knowledge

Namara is truly devoted to her spiritual calling and shares her journey and opens her heart to all who know her.  She inspires others with her passionate pursuit of knowledge and growth, her teaching and her beautiful spirit.   I have always left her sessions feeling rejuvenated, positive and enlightened.  Namara is an incredibly gifted teacher who shares her knowledge with insight, ease and grace. 


The Joy of Living ... 

What people say about us.... 

Joy in my life

I have known Amorah since she opened her yoga centre in Steveston and have been involved in Reiki and other spiritual groups she has led.  She has an exceptional knowledge base and uses it in a totally responsible and loving way.  She is a master teacher and also lives her beliefs.  You are definitely in good hands when you enter her spiritual realm. 


Bigger Picture

Amorah Joy leads by example demonstrating a positive attitude, love, empathy and shows bottomless kindness towards others.  She is an amazing role model, Reiki Master, Yoga Practitioner and friend.  I am extremely grateful to be part of the bigger picture. 


Spiritual Lightness

Amorah Joy is a beautiful person who possesses a spiritual lightness of being that is infectious. Her gifts of angelic energy, healing touch, and inspiring worldly knowledge spill over in everything she does including her yoga classes, coaching sessions or just when she is sharing a cup of coffee with you.  I will always be grateful for her love, inspiration and confidence in me. 


Retreat Testimonial with Angelo Meijers! 

I attended your seminar on a invite simply to be part of an experience, the usual format of such gatherings is to hear a message, a viewpoint, sometimes the messages come complete with a marketing perspective, a conclusion that this is the highway and therefore,   this time I was treated to an experience, a sharing and an opportunity to choose, a freedom to understand, exchange thoughts and feel truths revealed.

Day two was quite different , the depth of soul sharing was equal in the sense of freedom to explore, more importantly the sharing brought home concepts and depth to the loving experience that we embrace as  universal oneness. The gift was in the free flowing sharing. The freedom to embrace the concepts of free will in our choices while in tune with the divine light. My soul continues to reflect a brighter light, less burdened by old past messages.

Elroy - Kelowna BC


I have had the honour and privilege to attend many of Namara's workshops and yoga classes.  I came away from every encounter feeling rejuvenated, inspired, grounded and completely full.