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NOW is an important time.  It is important for you to understand what is happening right now and where we are in the timeline.

Please review the information and documents below. 

Here is some information for meditation (what is your truth?):


1987/88 --- The First Harmonic Convergence - the awakening of the collective "female"

2000 --- The New Millenium

2004 --- An intervention as a Decree by God whereby all Dark Lords had to leave the planet - both physically and energetically (but 5 went into hiding)

2008-10 --- Choices made by all human races to stay on this planet Earth and move into the Fifth Dimensional frequency or not (no judgement!)

September, 2012 --- preparing for December, 2012's dawning of the NEW WORLD

December 20/21/22, 2012 --- First Earth Activation - release of all Maya (illusion)September 20/21/22, 2013 --- Second Earth Activation - a continuation of burning Old Story KarmaMarch 20/21/22, 2014 --- Third Earth Activation - release of residue from Old Story Karma - all Karmic slates are clean - the new Age begins...

All humans were "cocooned" for nine months (gestation) while matrixes were re-organized - - we needed to rest.

September 20/21/22, 2014   ***lots of movement, planning, adjusting, organizing, releasing, preparing... BUTTERFLIES (Earth Light Workers) are METAMORPHASIZING through individual physical and energetic re-births.   

Amaada, which means "yes",  received this name in 2004 and re-birthed energetically and physically while driving through the Rocky Mountains

Amaada received the new name of Namara, which means "rejoice" and allows her soul to communicate as ONE with "the Council of 24 Elders"

Namara is a Spiritual Advisor, using the beloved vessel and personality of Joy

March 20/21/22, 2015 --- the awakening of the collective "male"

September 1st, 2015 --- we are ALL going to begin a physical cleanse together for 21 days - keep it as soft as you need so there is no "healing crisis".  We are preparing our "clean" bodies for the September 21st "eclipse"

September 20/21/22, 2015 --- the planet Vulcan is passing between the Sun & Earth, causing a 2-night / 3-day "eclipse" of varying degree around the world. The NEW galactic matrix & NEW chakra systems are going to be SET in place, in preparation for their anchoring in March, 2016

March 20/21/22, 2016 --- the anchoring of Earth's NEW WORLD into the FIFTH DIMENSION  -  WE HAVE ARRIVED - BE READY - IT'S A BIG GREEN GO!   This rise of world consciousness links us together in a different way throughout our Galaxy and expands into Universal Consciousness  

NOW, it is the time for cleansing energy fields and physical bodies.   Repeat the Spiritual Energy Cleanse & Protection 3 x's / day AND meditate once / day for 18 minutes minimum.

PLEASE support the evolution of the Earth mother Terra and the movement of the Light Workers.  This is not an ordinary lifetime.   We have all been processing at various degrees. Sometimes in fear and sometimes not.  But now is the time to step out of your fear pot and rejoice that this new world that is NO LONGER CONTROLLED BY DARK FORCES.  You are free to move forward into your SOUL'S PURPOSE WORK.


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