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Where do we start?

Where do we start?  

Body*Mind*Spirit **

ENERGY FIELDS.  How do we keep our energy fields "clean" from all the dirt and grime of the collective Pig Pen mind.  It will affect your mood, infect your body and make you feel like shit at times.  There are degrees and daily differences, so become conscious (aware) of how you feel.  Create your own method of clearing your energy fields every four hours.  The spiritual journey is a practical journey that demands persistence and patience.  The following can be used initially, then you can create your own:

- I call forth for the presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy (3 x's).  I ask that you cleanse my energy fields (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies), of all lower vibrational frequencies from every level of all dimensions in the whole of this Universe and guide these dark force lower vibrational frequencies back through portal consciousness to be healed by God Force.

Then your BODY.  Keep it simple.  Eat intuitively until you find your groove.  Maybe you are a natural vegetarian or vegan - shout it out to the world - honor your body.

 Maybe you are a meat eater - then please, please, please, eat consciously - organic, free range, wild, happy meats, and do not eat more than a palm-full.  Our bodies are shifting energetically and they do not want to filled with the old story animal fats.  Throw out the processed, chemical laden foods and eat 80% alkaline/20% protein.

Learn to MUSCLE TEST to determine what is right for you and you alone.  Get someone to teach you if you do not know how.  Your body is a temple of light and it will show you what it needs in every breath, through body movement.

You may think you are not addicted to anything, but watch what you cannot live without.  All forms of addiction are enticements away from your Soul seeking its' light (wisdom/higher Self).  Addictions can be drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, sugar, salt, sex, porn, speed, fast-tracking, etc.  

The question is always, "what are you escaping from?".  Addiction is a artificial connection to the Divine.  But instead of leading you up and out of your pain and suffering, it will only drive you down and out.  Look around you, almost everyone in this world is addicted to something.  Mine is sugar.  I am always on the watch for my "desire" for that extra sweet.  It may be home baked, but it is still sugar poison in my body.  And sugar is one of the deadliest. There can be an incredible satisfaction with the ordinary; creating a deep contentment in your life, when you move through and past your "desire".  

And, lastly for do you THINK?  

Karma is a mechanism of action.  What you think becomes your reality.  First things first - watch your mind's thoughts - just pay attention all the time.  Most likely you will find them shockingly dull, repetitive, and judgmental.  

When you have a negative thought, its' sound wave is sent out into this world and attaches to the river of collective thoughts, thus creating the dirty Pig Pen mind.  Do you want to be part of that Pig Pen mind?  When you have a judgmental thought, or a cruel thought, or an obsessive thought, try to erase it with a visualization and then replace it with a positive.  

In this new world story of the Fifth Dimension, we are driving a brand new shiny red truck.  So allow your Soul to be the driver of this new truck and allow your Intelligent God Mind to sit in the front seat with your Soul.  They create well together.  Then place your ego mind (good, bad, ugly thoughts) in the back seat of your truck and use them when you want, rather than letting the ego use you. Learn to become the Master of your Mind.  Become the watchman of your mind's thoughts!

Namaste and blessings to you all  *  Amorah  *  we are the Oneness of All That Is

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