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Crossing the Bridge

White Lotus Mystery School will help you cross the bridge to your future. Let us explore the world with Heart Consciousness. We will share our tools for living in heart and help develop and strengthen your knowledge and understanding of conscious living.

Location:          Choices Markets, Kelowna

Time:                6:30-8:30pm

Every Thursday except March 19 & 26

Free Seminar: January 22, 2020

First Class:      January 23, 2020


Program 1

Fee: $100.

Drop-in: $30.

Creating Sacred Space

Spiritual Cleanse & Protect

Meditation & Mantrasj

Muscle Testing/ Kinesiology

Program 2

Fee: $100.

Drop-in: $30.

Values & Boundaries

Stages of Life Patterns

Past Life Influences

Who Am I - Archetypes

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