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Book 2007

It is today that we are going to present the mirror of the world.  The world as it is, is a place of growth.  The world as you know it has become a world of darkness.  It is full of misery, hate, poverty, and sadness.  The world must cleanse, in order to re-birth (and Earth mother has done so during the activations of December, 2012, and September, 2013, and March, 2014).  The world is in the process of cleansing now and will continue to do so for many years ahead.  It is as it should be.  The future (illusion) shall be a place of peace - fifth dimension of peace and harmony.  The world as you know it will not longer exist, as some point in time and space.  The process is long.  It is time for you all to begin to love one another.  It is time for you all to join together in small communities in peace and domino out over gradually and naturally.  It is time for you all to begin to remember who you are.  you are products of a world in despair - a 3rd dimensional world of the physical manifestations through the ideologies of man.  Begin by honoring yourself.  Begin by loving yourself.  Begin by creating a life that suits your needs rather than your desires.  What is the variance between need and desire - are you so far ahead of yourself that you cannot manifest your moment?  Go inside of yourself for the answers to all your questions - they rest there.  The truth will e found inside your heart space - the sacred space of your heart.  You heart is full of the All That Is.  It is time to forgive yourself for some of past memories.  it is time to forgive yourself so that you can move forward into a place of contentment until you find your peace.  A place of peace can be found in each of you.  But you must go within.  It will not be find in the "outside" world.  Find out who you are, perhaps starting with your "temple" - your personality.  Then use the tools of your personality to discover (self inquiry) who your "soul" is and what your soul's "purpose" is at this time, in this lifetime.  There is no rush.  Be patience with your journey as it is never endings.  Trust your self and trust that you know best.  


Begin with love.  Continue with love.  Life life with love.  Breathe love.  How do you begin?  You begin with yourself.  You begin with kindness towards your self.  You begin by looking after yourself.  You begin by treating yourself with compassion, as you would do to others.  If you make mistakes, forgive yourself and start again.  There is always a new day, a new beginning.  Why is it so hard to forgive yourself?

Why is it so hard to forgive.  If you release judgement, you will be able to forgive.


Judgement is an illusion because there is no right or wrong in the spirit world, so why let there be right or wrong here on Earth.  And, who decides what is right and what is wrong.  Life is a flow of karma - movement creating movement - action creating action.  No right.  No wrong.  No good.  No bad.  It just it.  Judgement is a creation of experience by man in order to control.  Let go of judgement by watching others judge you and you judge others - be the watchman for a while - be the observer for a while.  And, slowly over time, let it go.  It holds no value.


namaste - blessings from my heart - amorah joy (a.k.a. maitraya joy)


just for today - be at peace

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